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Things I learned in my re-up class last night.

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Had to go for the re-up class again yesterday. In Texas, it's every 4 years. Well, that's changed, I found out. Now, if you've re-uped 3 times (I have), you go 5 years and you only have to take the class every 10. So, 5 years from now, I'll be 60 and I'll get the senior citizen's discount of 30 bucks to re-up, plus cost of pictures and finger prints. :D I can handle that!

Also, I got the exact penal code for injury of innocent bystanders. In Texas, you are criminally liable if someone is injured by your bullet, no matter the circumstances of the event. If you shoot through a wall and hit a neighbor, you will be cuffed and stuffed, don't matter that you were killing a BG before he could kill you. I took note of that because of all the arguments I've gotten into with guys who keep rifles in their apartments for self defense, AKs with FMJs and that. I've been told many times I'm full of it, there is no such liability if the shooting is justified, yadda, yadda. Well, now I have it marked in the book next time I get in such an argument I can quote verbatim, chapter/verse. :D I had looked for it on the net during a couple of such discussions, but it's a pain when you're just chatting on the net to find anything. I ain't gonna spend 30 minutes looking it up just to proved to some mall ninja the error of his ways.
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Smokewagon said:
Submit new photos too, my looks never change, but some of these guys get older. And there are those who are quite good at phoney IDs.
They want your picture again, Smoke, because you are the most handsomest..... :)
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