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There May be Hope

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There may be hope of ammo returning to shelves! I was in Academy Monday and there were atleast 30 boxes of 9mm, some 223, a bunch of 40 and 45, and several bricks of 22.
Is this true in other areas as well or did i just go in on a good day right after the truck unloaded?
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I think you were in the right place at the right time.
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Ammo is returning on shelves and inventory everyday. Now if people will be satisfied with what they have, then those shelves may actually stay stocked up. ;D
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Recently, my local WM had the most ammo I have seen in months and it was not sold out for a whole two days. There was plenty 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp .223 and 7.62x39 but sadly no .22lr. They even had 40s&w and .223 in Tula Brass Maxx, an item I have never seen there. Bought three boxes of the Tulla Brass 40s&w and found out they are made in Italy, not Russia. Nice looking ammo, will have to see how they shoot.
My WM isn't up to speed with any ammo but shotgun. However, I find I currently have all the ammo I need. I just got a 50 box of PMC 115gr, JHP (yesterday) and really if I go to the right places I have no problems finding 9mm. It might be Tula (I don't buy) but PMC, Hornaday, Federal, Winchester seem to be on the shelf.

I guess pretty soon there will be so much on the shelf they will begin to drop the prices back to normal. ;)

Academy never has any 9mm.
Things are still a lot slow in Hellaware..
Slow here in CT too. Better than it was before... a little.
The only factory ammo I am buying right now is 10mm and 327, both of which hasn't been too depleted, being odd calibers. But I am starting to see a slight amount of other ammo as well
I guess the buying spree of ammo is slowing down. After awhile it gets expensive and your better half is questioning the buying spree.
We have all heard the stories about the DHS purchases. I believe that there were a lot of speculators buying in February and March, along with people just stocking up. The LGSs have some ammo here, but, it is marked way up. The 3 Walmarts are slowly getting some restocked ammo. Lets hope it continues to get better.
Hello all; I saw the same thing at the Bass Pro down in Miami on a Thursday morning, and thought the same thing. Went back with the wife on Sunday and the shelves were barren again. I don't think we're in the clear yet, unfortunately. :(
No ammo around here that I can use. Shotgun ammo is plentiful though, with the exception of defensive stuff. Shoot all the dove and targets you want.
My wife, being on Facebook and such found a local Ammo hunters group. They will indicate who's found what at what store and time, they will put up postings of ammo at cost for sale or trae, etc. It really a nice group of people and has helped me tremendously. We were able to buy a brick of 525 ct 22LR federals on Monday for 25 bucks and yesterday morning I was able to get 9mm PMCs (2 boxes, I'm not greedy) and a 375 ct box of "choot ems" which are CCI Mini mags. at Cabelas. If I had chosen to drive to the Allen store and not the Fort Worth Store, I would have been able to get a 2100 ct ammo can of 22LR Federals for about 105. I currently need about 200 more 22LR before I'm full and probably another 500 each of 45 ACP and 9mm; But need almost 1000 of 38 super before we're totally full.
Check on facebook or other social media sites for ammo groups in your area.
I was in Walmart the other day and they had the most ammo I have seen in months. 2 boxes #8 - 2 1/2" .410 Federal, 3 boxes #7 1/2 - 2 3/4" 12 guage Federal and 1 box of .308 rifle ammo. She did say they got a delivery in that morning, most of it was gone before it got in the case.
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