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There is a shake up going on at CZ..Many models are being disco'd and COLT is taking over operations?????

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So I ran across great pricing on new CZP10F's on gunbroker. I grabbed one for $349 +ship/tax..Daholenga Armory had them for $349 or so..hmmmm. So I went to CZusa website and see the MSRP has dropped to $399. Hmmm so I started checking around to see if P10F models are being discontinued. Oh boy lots of CZ stalwarts are being disco'd. Then I read about CZ/Colt taking over US operations for CZ :eek:. I know manuf's do refresh SKU's regularly, but the list of disco'd guns is very long this year. Should we be concerned? Thoughts?
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well I have MOST CZ models that i want already, the say Model 97 in 10 MM would be one that i would purchase but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.
Honestly call me a CZ man because brand against brand that i own I would not trade my Cz for anything else, and i own quite a few different brands.
well made, great customer service, reliability!
Will you change your screen name to ‘seezolfarhors’?
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