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The Tale of a Tape.
We opened our recording studio when I was 14. We had a lot of fun making our first album, and back then my sister was writing all of the lyrics and I was composing chord sequences and writing the rythm and lead lines. My sister plays bass guitar and our drummer was 36 years old then. I'll tell about him another time, but this was a time when our state senator, Max Baucus began showing himself to be what he really is. A constitutional traitor. I wan't much into politics at all at that age, but my sister was 18 and very much into it. She pretty much hung out with Dad in the reloading room and they talked a lot. Rosemary is as solid and outspoken a conservative as there ever was, and because of her looks she intimdated most guys.

So one day she decided to write the only protest song she's ever done. It's called "Give it Back." Dad liked the lyrics and asked me to develop the music for it. It may sound odd that a 14 year old could or would do that, but it was all due to my teacher who was also our drummer. George was the leasde guitarist for the Righteous Brothers road show through the 70's, well before I was born. He took me on at age 10 and I studied guitar under him for some 6 years before I went on to Jazz theory school.

So we recorded the piece, and Dad and George were so happy with it that Dad cut a cassette of it and mailed it to Max Baucus in Helena. .... and then we sort of forgot about it. 6 months later at 10 at night the phone rings, and Dad and Mom were already in bed asleep. This guy tells Dad he's John Popp and wants to talk to him about Give it Back. Dad thinks it's George messing around with him to he tells George to get a life and hangs up. The phone rings again and the guy asks if he knows who John Popp is. Dad says, "yes George. I know who he is and hangs up. Phone rings again and the guy says Dad should write down his phone number and call him back to verify that he was calling from New York. By this time Dad is sitting up and paying attention.

He asks again if Dad knows who John Popp is and Dad says "Yes, he's the program director for G.Gordon Liddy". And that's exactly who it was. He says that a tape came in the mail a few days back from someone in Max Baucus' office in Helena Montana and he wants to know if it came from us.
Long story short........ He wants to arrange a sattelite uplink from our local station that carried the Liddy show to Liddy's show. Liddy had listened to the tape and wanted to talk to the kids that made it. Even longer story shorter....... we did the interview from B98 in Whitefish. I'll tell the rest later, but this is the piece, and it's actually more pertinent now than it was back then. It's 17 years old now but still sounds ok.
Rosemary played bass and did vocals, I did all the rythem and lead overdubs on guitar

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This is me and my sister back then.

And this was the original Latigo Band. Both our Drummer (Mondo Mike Piazza and George are now deceased.)

If anyone's actually interested I can tell you more about it later.

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Good story and good song, well done!

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