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For the right amount of money, any school can become almost totally safe. Someone to live-monitor the video surveillance? Bwah haa haaa. That's another body to pay -- ain't gonna happen.

Failures at Stoneman Douglas and in agencies at every level of government were rampant. The solution and the plan to push it were likely already in the can, just waiting for another coffin to ride out on. There has been precious little action seen regarding holding people actually responsible for the failures accountable. Just the same old tired, "give up your guns" drumbeat from the left and their useful idiots.

There are many procedural things possible to make schools safer. Many of them simply require someone to get off their butt and do a job, others would take some funding. But as with any other aspect of education, everyone wants exceptional schools, no one wants to pay for them -- people who have no problem with paying $80-$100/hour for an auto mechanic start squawking when teachers ask to get paid over $25/hour. Once this dies down, those same people sure aren't going to chip in an additional sawbuck or two in annual taxes, just to secure a school against something they think is going to happen somewhere else -- they'd rather spend it on their morning half-caf double decaf separately-frothed no-fat mocha latte.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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