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@ the range w/new PT1911 stainless

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My buddy and I decided to hit the range today to fire off out PT1911's. His is the blued mine the stainless. First thing he noticed almost immediately was a slight weight difference between the two. Also, the fit was tighter on the SS (as opposed to my blued PT1911). I figured it was due to the fact that my blued was almost a year old and it had been fired and field stripped countless times. The SS has that new gun feel still.

Shooting was really great. I used different magazines and ammo. 2 Taurus, 2 Kimber promag tac, 1 sig and 1 wilson 47d. Ammo consisted of magtech, fiocchi, cci blazer, and aguila. 200 rounds with nearly a hitch. On the third mag (Sig), last round (24th round to be exact) using the magtechs. I had a case pinched after the round was expelled. I blame the mag. After that the rest was marvelous.

I love my two Pt1911's and can't wait until Taurus decides to come out with a compact version :D
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Taurus_9mm said:
Your prayers have been answered Schlemer. Apparently Taurus intends to release a compact PT1911 as well at some future point.


Now if they'd only make my PT1911 in 10mm.. :D
WooHooo!!!, well at this rate I may not see a Colt or Smith any time soon
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