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One day, the Pope was in Texas and after a rough week of meeting archbishops and other religious figures, he decided to go see the Galveston shore in Texas.

When he arrives in his Popemobile, he sees a woman struggling for his life against a shark. Upon a closer look he notices that it is Hillary Clinton. Horrified, he starts to call for help when a speedboat pulls up along side Ms. Clinton, with Donald Trump and Mike Pence on board. Pence leans over and pulls her out. Then Trump and Pence begin to beat the shark to death with baseball bats.

The two men notice the Pope and land the boat on the beach. The pope says to the men, “I know that there has been a lot of attention and a lot of strife in this election, but I can see that you two respect each other and would help each other in their time of need. You have my blessings.”

The Pope packs off and drives out of site. Trump asks, “Who was that?”

“That was the Pope Mr. President, he is all knowing and in touch with God. Leader of the Catholic Church,” says Pence.

Trump says, “Well that’s all neat and fine, but he doesn’t know anything about shark fishing. Hows the bait holding up?”
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