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The New York reload

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Have any of you ever tried this? The supposed logic of this states that pulling out another loaded pistol is faster than slaping another mag in your gun. I don't know but I think that the time it takes to do either would be pretty much the same.
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The only drawback I can see is if you do need the second gun in a situation, or even HAVING a second gun, can make a sticky situation if you end up in court. A lawyer could play the jury to believe that you were looking for trouble because of your "excessive" firepower. I bring this up because a former county attorney brought it up when I had my .357 on the belt and a .380 PPK in my pocket. He and I are both permitted, and were discussing it one evening. He named a few lawyers here that would make me out to be the bad guy in a situation. However, whatever I'm carrying at the moment, don't doubt I have at least one reload on me.
Well every situation is different but I don't see how the lawyer can get very far if the shooting is justified. He could argue that you were out for blood, but unless you shot and killed Mother Teressa in a barfight gone bad I doubt he will get very far. That being said if you do get in a gunfight, prepare to get sued even if it is justified. If you won't get prosecuted by the DA, the next of kin or the the "victim" (if they live) can bring up a civil suit for no reason whatsoever and you will have to get a lawyer to defend yourself. For me getting sued is better than getting killed but only just a little better.
I agree with Ace; getting sued, although not much better, is better than getting dead!
Remember, lawyers are lawyers, and they tend to load juries to meet their criteria. I was disqualified for a jury once because I was a gun owner. Once he found out I was permitted, he thought I should be on trial. Like Clint Smith likes to point out, every bullet you send downrange has a lawyer attached.
Ace said:
Well we put up with that until school got out and the thing was biting kids, so I called animal control and told them there was a dog out here attacking little kids could you come and get it. "Sure." They said "we'll send someone right away." Half an hour goes by
that dog would have been dead 15mins already if it was attacking people.

in my state sometimes the dog will get a "2nd" chance.. but it's not uncommon for it to be destroyed onces it's picked up from an attack anyway unless of course the dog was provoked.
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