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The New York reload

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Have any of you ever tried this? The supposed logic of this states that pulling out another loaded pistol is faster than slaping another mag in your gun. I don't know but I think that the time it takes to do either would be pretty much the same.
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The only drawback I can see is if you do need the second gun in a situation, or even HAVING a second gun, can make a sticky situation if you end up in court. A lawyer could play the jury to believe that you were looking for trouble because of your "excessive" firepower. I bring this up because a former county attorney brought it up when I had my .357 on the belt and a .380 PPK in my pocket. He and I are both permitted, and were discussing it one evening. He named a few lawyers here that would make me out to be the bad guy in a situation. However, whatever I'm carrying at the moment, don't doubt I have at least one reload on me.
Remember, lawyers are lawyers, and they tend to load juries to meet their criteria. I was disqualified for a jury once because I was a gun owner. Once he found out I was permitted, he thought I should be on trial. Like Clint Smith likes to point out, every bullet you send downrange has a lawyer attached.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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