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I did some upgrades to my Benelli Supernova. I added some Meprolight night sights and a Carlson 2 round mag extension.This gives 6 in the tube and 1 in the chamber as the capacity with 2-3/4" rounds. So I went out and played and practiced with it. The jury is still out on the Meprolights. I've heard bad stories on them failing with the front sight post threads stripping, but mine stayed tight. I ran about thirty rounds of slugs through it of Winchester and Remington and happy with 2" to 3" accuracy shooting offhand. No failures to feed or load with the extension. It also never came loose without the magazine stabilizer. So you would most likely not need it because it is still pretty short. I would recommend using one for shooting around barricades or V-tac walls when competing. The guys with the new box mags are not happy shooting under the V-tac walls. :devil: Of course me crappy knees don't like me when getting up off the ground.

Afterward, lots of 00 buckshot. At 10 yards, it can keep all 9 pellets in the scoring zone on the head portion of a IPSC target. Not bad for a cylinder bore.

I've worked on a lot of shotguns over the years, especially the ones used for steel plate and bowling pin shoots. The Nova series is under appreciated on their engineering. The 870 is the main pump gun at the shoots and the Mossberg a close second. All tube fed shotguns have a flaw with the two flat springs that retain the rounds in the tube. It's an old design that is simple and works most of the time. Hard use and shock can weaken them. When the fail a shell can shoot out of the magazine. In the case of the Mossberg, the shell will fall out of the gun. In rare cases, I've watched them all fall out. The BPS, Ithaca 37, and Marlin 120 will do the same. The Mossberg and Marlin will still work as a single shot if there is a total failure as it is easier to drop one in the chamber if needed. However, a total failure is preceded by the occasional one round falling out.

On the 870, a single round coming out onto lifter too soon, jams the action. the 1100 and 11-87 jam the same way. You have to pull the trigger group to clear and fix it. I've not played with a Mossberg 930 to see if it has the same problem. The Benelli's still work and will cycle. Because of that little bit of engineering, there is a trick to load one extra round onto the lifter, one in the chamber, and have a full tube. Even the M1 through M4's do this.

The only thing I do not like is the steel magazine stabilizer that came with the Carlson kit. It looks cheap and the contour is slightly off. It will mar the finish on the barrel.

I did have some 2-1/2" shells and they worked fine, but not enough to be sure other that two tube loads.

The main difference between the Tactical Nova and the Super Nova is that you can change the butt stock and trigger guard/floor plate on the Super as well as it being drilled and tapped for a rail, later made Nova's are drilled and tapped. I've both, and happy with the standard Tactical Nova. The difference on my standard is that I kept the LPA factory sights and have a Cycle Works 2 shot extension. The Cycle Works is about double in price, but a stainless steel tube. The Carlson is blued steel.

The only downside to the Nova is the lack of aftermarket accessories. The bores are chrome lined, which you don't see on a lot of shotguns other than European made.


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Great review! But, I'm kind of a visual person, and your link doesn't work. (You tried, so I won't post the "This thread is worthless without pics" smileys.)
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