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"Where have all the real men gone? They are still out there, only the modern liberal woman has been trained to look away"

"In his latest novel-turned-film “The Lucky One,” author Nicholas Sparks delivers the epitome of masculinity—a Marine—to remind us that chivalry isn’t dead.
Can I get an “Amen”?
`Since the late 1960s political correctness has tried to neuter men to the point that the lines between males and females became blurred. We’ve been emasculating men for so many years that it is no wonder most women wouldn’t recognize a decent man if he held the door open for her."

"It is my belief that a real man should smell like gasoline, sawdust, wood smoke and/or cordite every so often.
Enter "The Lucky One."
The film features Logan Thibault, played by Zac Efron, a Marine who returns home from Iraq after his third tour of duty. He attributes his survival to a good luck charm - a picture of a woman he found after a deadly night raid. Logan is determined to find this guardian angel and thank her......."

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