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I have no experience with either, but a gentleman at the range today, says he has a friend that uses Taurus stellar clips in his Judge for .45 ACP. Lots of chamber there for the .45 ACP. Anybody heard of such a thing? Robby? 8)

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I'd be a bit apprehensive about firing a short, stubby .45 ACP in the l-o-n-g cylinder of the Judge. I'll just load it out of my own curiosity. I have some 45 Auto Rim laying around so I won't need the clips.

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Nope, not enough space unless it were modified, at least in an N frame, and I'd think the same for any DA revolver. I'd think the accuracy would be awful, anyway. The bullet would be jumping 3 feet to the rifling. Bad enough free bore in .45 Colt. I got no use for .45ACP in a .45 Colt revolver. I handload just as cheap in .45 Colt brass. The price of a moon clip conversion could be better spent on a Lee Anniversary reloading kit. That way, you'd save money on ALL calibers.

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Gee, my only thought would be WHY? Could it be cheaper, but you would sure be doing a lot of cylinder cleaning, especially if you want to go back to 45 colt. The jump would be close to 4 inches in a smooth bore cylinder. It is not bad from a standard JUDGE, accuracy wise, but not having ever done that it would seem to be not accurate.
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