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I don't know if these will appeal to anyone. I recentally bought these for a nephew.

WWW.Cheaperthandirt.com (Cheaper Than Dirt) has a small hammer with interchangeable heads. It is a 10 inch hammer. It has one of each interchangeable heads: Brass- Copper-Plastic-Nylon and Rubber for 9.97 (part# TOOL-507)

Also a set in a little plastic cappped container of 4 steel and 4 brass punches. the sizes aren't marked but the smallest is 1/16 I think. There is a brass 3/32 in it which is very handy for many pins. They price is 7.97 (part# WIN-124 )

I can't tell you what shipping is, as I ordered a couple other things for me with them. You also get the most recent sales book. A full size 07/08 catalogue and a sales mag. ( free but adds shipping weight) The full Fed-ex shipping total for all the above and 3 other items was only 10.29

For the home enthusiasts or hobbyists the hammer and punches are a nice little addition.

Respectfully- Brizzo
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