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in my years of shooting...

i seen-- lots of guns that worked very well and lots of bad-ones

i like theses guns

1st 3rd gen glock 17 9mm :) bought my glock for $460
2nd XD .45 ;) $460
3rd 3rd gen mill pro .45 ;D $320
4th brand new llama mini max 1911.45 $210 ;)
moss burg 590 9 rounds 2 years old forgot what i paid?...

been shooting for 9 years strong.... clocked in gun hours?....
over 1 grand...

i think i know what iam talking about.......

in my years of hearing!! about what guns are bad and how they dont fire?....

i always go with long shots... chance yes but?....... why not all thows guns i said worked very well under stressed.. sich. i have all 4 and wouldnt put anything by them i keep them very very clean and freash ammo

you can have a gun 10,000 30,000 100.000

i have a glock 17 3rd gen with over 92,000 rounds and not 1... i mean not 1.. miss fire or problem :eek:

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"Haven't stripped it yet or gotten the Cosmoline off"
WS(cool name)
It will keep oozing out for awhile, if it is hot where you live..
I had one (i loved it).. Here in Arizona it gets hot and the cosmoline just keeps coming out :bang:..Might want to keep a rag handy...Have fun with it ..(i sure did) :shooter:
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