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In recent times there has been a lot of Model 82's coming into the country by way of Century Arms International (CAI). In observing the ads, reading the posts, seeing the photos, and reading the short articles on these recent imports it looks to me that there appear to be three-generations of the imported Model 82's. Some are in rough condition, some in between, and few, very good models. The 1970's models have the firing pin on the hammer, with lines traversing the topstrap and barrel rib. The lanyard is a steel u-shaped piece welded into the butt. There is one on Youtube for viewing in two parts. The owner really fixes his 82 up to a fine looking shooter. The second-generation 82, which I own, has the firing pin built into the frame. A smooth target trigger and checkered target hammer with the same lines traveling across the topstrap and barrel. The lanyard is a separate piece, loop-shaped, with a swivel. The fixed sights have a different design/profile than the former. I failed to mention the lettering on the first and second generation 82's look the same gauging from the photos. The third-generation has bigger lettering and a different read. The topsstrap is matted and smooth. The lanyard is a swivel type like the previous 82 with the grips on all three models appearing to be the same. All three represented generations bare witness to the hot wet tropical like climate of Brazil with the first and second generation models looking the roughest from being used longer. All three generation 82's have "character" and a "history" that all cop revolvers carry. The prices are rising as they are on all guns and if you don't have one yet and enjoy collecting/shooting six-shooters I highly recommend getting one as the prices continue to rise. These imports, for the most part, are rough on the outside but work/shoot just fine. Don't expect new or even good condition as you will be disapointed. Just clean it and oil it and shoot it and have a good time! Thank you my friends!


P.S. I can't wait to get me one of the newest CAI imports, the Rossi Model 841. It too is an ex-Brazilian Federal Police Revolver in the same kind of condition as the import 82's are. The 841's are a little cheaper than the 82's are.

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