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The CM9 is headed home!!

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Yesterday was one month since Kahr received the CM9 in for trigger not resetting ....just received an e-mail and it will be delivered to me on Friday before 8PM. All in all I guess that is really not that unreasonable of a repair time. Off to order the fiber optic sights for it now. Hope all the problems are gone...I really like the CM9, but have gotten pretty fond of the G2c I bought to carry till the CM9 came back. An extra gun that is flawless is a good thing to have.
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Glad your baby is headed home. Ya can't have too many spare guns.
Have the CM9 back at home. Kahr replaced the striker and test checked it...result ok. Have to get to the range tomorrow to put some ammo thru it to check myself.
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Can't wait to see your range report ! :shooter:
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