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Went back home to visit family this last wekend, and of course the bros and I had to go shootin. and boy did my lil 24/7 pro show its stuff. kept right up w/ lil bro n his XD, out shot big lil bro n his 1911 colt. we were practicin combat style shootin. with no more practice than i get( they go out at least a couple times a week), firing quick bursts of three, I was keepin a good combat kill pattern on sillouette.

just had to brag. I was real proud of my lil 'cheap' gun. (and myself ;) )

p.s. only problem i had was mag popping out. seems like when i stack my thumbs on the left side, the bottom thumb pushes the release while i'm firing, anyone else have the problem, or is it just my fat hands.
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