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The Ammo Zombies

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Yes, you know them. In fact, I bet that you are one of them, just like me.

We meet, every Saturday when the Cabela's opens its doors. We shuffle to the ammo section, we stand back, staring at empty shelves of ammo. One of the brave zombies will bend down, look far back on the shelf, just in case someone missed a box of 380, 9mm, .45 acp, 7.62, or the highly prized .223. We pick up a box of 270 Winchester, hoping against hope that it is actually a box of .45 acp. We then stare at each other for several minutes. Maybe one of the zombies will share that there are rumors a shipment is due in a couple days.

Then we shuffle out the doors, head to Cheaper than Dirt, and repeat, then Wal Mart, and repeat, then Academy, and repeat.

Frustrated, the zombies go home, empty, hoping for success next week.
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Dear Lord there are more like me! But in my case its the LGS or Academy or Wallyworld.
LMAO...I am a ZOMBIE too...lol, this is soooo true, I run to the sporting goods section of Wallyworld and read the price tag where the .223 is supposed to be and hope to see a box lingering in the back...LMAO
Just a theory, but when the local Walmart says the warehouse is out of ammo, why hasn't the warehouse restocked?
Could this be Walmart deliberately not restocking in collusion with bho and his anti-gun policies?
Checking Wally web site they show they have Tulammo .223 in stock in San Bonito, Tx. I drove the several miles there this morning only to find not a single .223 round in the place, all the shelves were empty. A bit perturbed I told the man in the sporting goods dept. "you show you have it in stock on the website". He shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the total empty spaces where .223 used to be without saying a word.
Warehouse out just means the warehouse does not have the item. The warehouse orders this stuff but it has not come from the supplier. They won't stop ordering unless they plan to stop selling the item,in which case it will show deleted. They don't care what the stuff costs to them as they have contracts with the suppliers for supplies and at contract prices. The restock is slow because the ammo guys can't keep up and when they do get a shipment it is spread through all the stores that are out. ( generally the higher selling stores get first dibs. ) The store places the order and when they check it will show how many are on order. Warehouse out means don't hold your breath they are waiting on the supplier. If it says x amount on order and does not say warehouse out then you can figure on the item to the shelf pretty soon. If it says in transit then it will be within 2 days. If it says it is on hand but the shelf is bare that means the store computer accepted the invoice from the truck of all that was shipped on that truck but it is still buried on a pallet somewhere to be dug out by the overnight crew that night.
As a side note they CAN check to see on hands at other stores in the area ( generally 50 miles.
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Nope. I confess I cruise the Walmart ammo shelf when I'm there. Then I shrug and go home to my Dillon.
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I was in zombie mode when I went to my LGS and was looking for shotgun ammo. If I am only going to be able to feed one weapon, its my shotgun. I have a couple hundred rounds in .40 for my other two guns to share. The rifle is not being shot until this ammo craze is over. And until I get my carry permit, I wont be shooting much of the pistol either... and hopefully won't have to shot it when I'm carrying it either lol if I am using it a lot, then I need to find a new place to hang out lol

Just did the same at my local farm store, which is where I've been finding it lately.. They had an ad in the paper for 9mm Tulammo at 9.99 50 ct. and I guess with that ad, the jig is up. Probably not gonna find anything there now
went to local waaaly, got 2 remington 50 ea .45 cals, 2 50 each federal .357 and only 1 .38, damn it had to go to local lgs for 2 boxs of .40 and 3 boxes of primers, but i am happy more ammo to count
I just did, along with a couple other people at the NMB Wally World.
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I walked into the LGS and indoor range last Saturday and, lo and behold, there was a pallet load of 420 rd cans of M-855 green tip! I bought two cans. I went back Wednesday and there were still 25 cans left! I bought another can. Of course, the price was a bit high ($279.95 ea) when it was only $179.95 last summer :mad:. Then he showed me an AR-10 from DPMS Panther Arms for only $1200. I would have bought it but my wife would have been really pissed and I don't need a safe queen. Nice gun though. They told me it would be gone the next day. I haven't been back so I have no idea if it is gone. HOWEVER, except for expensive personal defense ammo, everything else is gone. No primers, limited powder, few bullets. I guess I am a zombie too. ;(

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After reading the prior post I can now tell my wife I am normal(at least as far as gun nuts go)
It's funny because at our walmart where the .22lr should be, there's a sign hanging over the glass that reads "limit 2 boxes per customer". I keep going up to it and lifting it to see if there is anything behind it.
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As you can see by the last pic I posted, looks like the next rifle I get will be a .243 or another 30-06.
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Hi, my name is John, and I'm an ammo zombie.

Every time I'm in Gander Mountain I look at the 2 Hornady single stage basic reloading kits that are way overpriced at $379 including a set of .38 dies (I don't have a .38). I guess I hope one of them switches to .45acp or colt.

Haven't seen a box of .308 in months, 22 is still scarce, 45 colt must require cast Unobtainium.
It takes most of my strength to refrain from buying another 200rd .45acp or 350rd 9mm Blazer Brass value pack for $99.
Yeah, I'm starting to see the value in the lesser-known calibers. Have yet to see 38 super out of stock, either.
"limit 2 boxes per customer"
The Wal-Mart closest to me said they have a six box limit. I was told if you ask to talk to the manager, they will sell you what you want.
but they WON'T get a simple reloading set up and some components. want ad on craigslist would get those, probably get .22's, too.
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