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Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Holsters

A popular method of concealed carry is to use a shoulder holster. It's certainly been featured on television shows and films, as they've been worn by everyone from James Bond to "Dirty Harry" on the big screen, on "Miami Vice" to "Justified" on the small screen and so many points in between.

It is a viable method of concealed carry for the right person and in the right instance. However, you also need the right holster to do it with. Holster selection is vital, as you will know very quickly whether a shoulder holster is going to work out or if it's destined for the holster drawer.

How do you pick one? By learning what you need to know about shoulder holsters. We'll go over what shoulder holster designs are out there, what features they have and what you should look for in a shoulder holster.

Continue reading at: The Alien Gear Holsters Guide To Shoulder Holsters - Alien Gear Holsters Blog
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