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The 9mm Blues

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:( Why, oh why did I buy a 9mm pistol?
I went to three places today. Wasted about 2 hours driving around. I did not come home with any 9mm ammo. I am rethinking this. Shelves were packed with 40 and 45 and loads of other types and rounds. Closest I came was 20 rounds for $30 JHP. No, I didn't buy them.

This is starting to suck badly!:cool:
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I feel your pain. Hang in there its slowly getting better.
At least I got to see the last two boxes of 9mm get checked out this morning at Wally World, if I wouldn't have stopped to talk to my buddy I would have gotten them. But, take heart the girl working the sporting goods counter said that they are getting ammo in almost every day now so hopefully we will start seeing it on the shelf regularly.
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The reason there are 45 in stock is partly cost...

Keep hunting online. My wife scored a thousand rounds last week. And she better have.. She blew through 250 yesterday.
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Bought 300 rds. Of Fed. champ at wally world yesterday and 50 golden sabers from bass pro on monday.Got lucky i guess.
Ordered 100rds hornady match grade jhp from cabelas few days ago...still on the hunt for fmj
Feel you on this I been able to find 40 and 380 every now and again but that's it.
Well my two choices are #1. look at the only two boxes of 124gr FMJ 50s I have and be happy. #2. look at the only two boxes of 124gr FMJ 50s I have and be happy I have those. I have two boxes, I have become a horder!:cool:
keep checking wally world on line everyday, have got lucky a few times that way. it will get better. :confused:
I use the phone instead of gasoline....
Walmart.com will show if there is inventory. When I see it at a store I go on the hunt. I scored 5 boxes this week. I placed an order for 1000 rounds last week too from Precision. It will take some time to get shipped but that's the new way I'll be buying. This chasing around for a box here and there is for the birds. I would have ordered more but it's my first time tying this place out. I need a good source for 22lr too. This whole ordeal has changed what I consider low stock at the homestead.
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Don't a;ways trust Walmart.com. 3 times it said they were in stock, and never true. The guy at the counter said the website inventory is never truly accurate.
The guy at the counter is keeping it for himself. The website is linked directly to their inventory system. When they accept the truck into the system inventory counts are instantly updated and the website reflects this. Unless their count is off it's going to be right and in these times they are keeping a tight watch on inventory. I was management in big retail in a former life. Now whether or not it will be sold out before you get to the store is another story. That's why I call if it's a drive.

The other night the guy at my store tried telling me no ammo came in on the truck so I showed him where it was on the pallet he was unpacking and got my 3 boxes. There was no line, the store was dead and I went from the checkout right back to sporting goods and the guy and the ammo were gone. I guess I may take advantage of the situation if I worked that job too. He lied to me because he wanted it all for himself and his buddies.
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REALLY? Tons of 40 and 45.........I wish I could find 20 rounds of either for less than 40.00.
You need to load your own. I load all my 9mm,I tailored a load that is so far and away superior to factory loads, I will never go back. I love my .40 loads, but have yet to create a load like I was able to do in 9mm. Mine are merely equal to factory. I know I can do better, I have a limited # of projectiles and need to use them as efficiently as possible due to the lack of replacements on the market. If you are truly unhappy with the current availability of 9mm, you need to take it up with your DHS secretary.
40 popped back on our shelves around here a couple weeks ago. It was everywhere and I felt dumb for picking up a 9mm. Now 40 is just as hard to find as 9. I only feel a little dumb now, lol.
Have not even bothered, had to curb my shooting anyway It's too cold were we live to even think about shooting.I draw the line at 40,it's been 20-30, so, screw it.also waiting for supply to reach some level of saneness,come real spring, summer I have a stash to play with.
I buy my ammo online through slickgun.com. You still have to be patient. Like fishing.

I won't tell you that I sold 1500 rounds of 9 last week. I got almost what I paid for them.
The LGSs around here are so busy that one needs to make a reservation in January just so one can shoot in April...... .
Not really but is is almost that bad. :)
The guy at my LGS told me today that the ammo manufacturers are building one billion rounds per week. I'm not sure I believe that, but he said the shortage should be over soon from what they are seeing. They had everything in stock, but I passed on the $25 boxes of American Eagle they had on display.
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