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Guess I'm supposed to introduce myself, huh?
Tim K here from Houston, TX.
New owner of a (3rd Gen., I think?) PT111 Milennium Pro 9mm.
(I guess the "9mm" is redundant? the PT111 establishes that, separate from the 140 & 145 ?)
if the 140 is a .40, & the 145 is a .45, why isn't the 9mm a PT109? or would be too "JFK-like"?

I'm pretty much a newbie to guns in general - never was a big fan, but... today being what it is...

Had a Rossi .38 snub-nose about a decade ago, but.. it got stolen! Go figure...

I did my research, read lots of everything, & was committed to buying a "good, midrange $$ gun".
Didn't want a cheap-o .380 or .32, didn't want a 'no-name, looked-down on brand', but also didn't want to spend on a Glock or a Sig or those other high-dollar guns.
This is a "starter" gun for me. But I want on that reliable & powerful enough, -if- I ever -really- need it!
I --do-- plan to get my CHL here in Texas.

So I settled on the PT111 & I'm very happy.

I think I've put about 500 rounds thru it already! ( yeah, it's kinda' fun!)

I've "lurked" in here for a few weeks now, before "joining" tonight, & am VERRRY impressed with the resource that this group is!!
I've learned ---sooo--- much in her already!

I'm still leaning towards shooting low & left, as seems to be pretty common, but.... I'll get better!
The 'straight-8 sights', or whatever they're called, are kinda' funky, but it seems they're pretty well regarded in general. Maybe I'll look into those "fire-sight" things eventually, but... I've still got learning to do.

Y'all will see me around now.. hope you won't mind lots of 'novice' questions & seeming 'amateurish-ness', but... hey, that's what I am!
I'm willing & eager to learn & take advice & criticism well, soo.... bring it on!

Thanks everybody! ( AND the host of this wonderful site! Is it "Flyer"??)
See ya'...

(OH! I've seen analysis's of serial #'s here, but I've never seen a "TAU" prefix like mine mentioned! ???)

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Welcome to the forums. We all started at the beginning and had to gain wisdom and experience. So there are no dumb questions as they all need answering.

I was fortunate to have mentors and strangers at the local shooting ranges who were kind enough to 'show me the ropes' as it were with plenty of guidance demonstration of the shooting techniques.

Staff and members here will bend over backwards to give assistance or that guidance.

Even the new starters see things sometimes us old vets don't from a different angle or because of a fresh pair of eyes.

Will admit to being a PT111 Mil/pro owner and enjoy thoroughly shooting that little beast.

Do recommend reading the FAQs,old, and new threads to get up to speed if that hasn't been done already.

Have a little light reading homework for you and then some heavy stuff.


That's the easy part. :)

Now take a break. Go get a tall beverage of choice. Anything with caffeine in it. ;) Some snack. This is going to take a while. These are links with PT111, 9mm. ammo, and other important stuff you might find useful.
Have a rep as " Da Professor" to keep up with after all. ;D


Whew! Glad that's over. You and me both! :)
Feel free to contact the staff or members about anything. That's what we're here for.
Everyone has something to contribute. Jump in anywhere.

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And a very warm welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma! :)
Hey Smokewagon, here's another Texan!! :D :D

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Welcome from Missouri !!

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Welcome from West Texas! :wave:

When these guys start pickin' on ya, there are a LOT of Texans here to come to the rescue! :guns: ;D
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