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Hey guys,

As of late, I've been re-evaluating my collection (need vs desire). I've come to the conclusion that I love the 1911 platform. Recently I came into the possession of a 20-year-old Series 80 Colt Gold Cup National Match. It is a dream and goes well with my two PT1911s :D. The other day I finally traded up my PT111 mil pro as a deposit on a S&W 1911PD commander. The PT111 was a good gun, but I never could get quite comfortable with it. I also took the liberty of ordering a Colt XSE SS. Now I am only left with a 24/7 in .45 and a PT92af (which is out for repair). I like having a 9mm for range use , but I have (or will have) five .45 1911s.

So my question is, Do I trade in the 24/7 which I think is a fine gun and (to date) has not given me any problems or do I keep it as my only polymer? In all honesty, I don't carry it. It is equipped with a rail light and is one of my home defense guns. I find it to be comfortable and manageable to shoot. It is a well balanced firearm.

My 3 1911s (awaiting S&W and Colt XSE)

1911ss, PT92AF and 24/7 w/rail light
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