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TCP Trigger Weight?

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My Taurus TCP .380 has a measured trigger pull of just 4 pounds. Is this normal? I got the gun second hand and have no idea about its history. It is accurate and reliable.
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It may have the Galloway 5lb hammer spring in it. I think factory is heavier.

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Thanks, it has me wondering if it’s safe to carry like that.
In a proper holster I believe it is safe. A proper holster covers most of the gun and most importantly all of the trigger area so that nothing can get near the trigger while in the holster.
Holster is your friend!...................
I don't have one, but I'm guessing it can't be any more unsafe than the LCP 2
I believe the stock trigger is heavier, perhaps even twice that figure. But it's a long, smooth pull so it's tough to judge and my finger hasn't been calibrated lately.

4# is lighter than I'd be comfortable with on a gun with no safety. The long, double action revolver like pull is the safety feature for me on the TCP. But I don't claim to represent the mainstream, and the LCP2 is exhibit A. I wouldn't own one of those if you gave it to me.
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