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Magazines aren't Taurus's best thing. They tend to push the capacity to the limit, and when you insert a fully loaded mag the 'bar' in the middle of the slide pushes the rounds down even farther so the slide will clear them on recoil. That's why it's so hard to insert a fully loaded mag under a closed slide. Colt used to have problems with 8 round flush mount magazines - people would insert a fully loaded mag under a closed slide, and smack the bottom of the mag to get it in. Many times that resulted in broken welds on the magazine base plates. So it's not just Taurus.

I look at it like this - statistically most gunfights only last three or four rounds, so I'm much more concerned about the first three or four rounds than anything else. When I carry my Kahr CM9, I carry two spare 8-round magazines in a DIY pocket carrier. That gives me 23 rounds at my disposal - and that's 23 rounds to be used to break contact and do what on shepherd said to the other shepherd - get the flock out of there. I'm going to get some distance between me and a threat, if for no other reason than to facilitate reloading.

Here's a pic of the carrier. It goes in my back pocket with the leather out, and it prints like a wallet. The mags are easily extracted while the carrier stays in my pocket.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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