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i just got a tracker about a week ago.. the first one had a metal bur sticking out on it's finish.. so i took it back.. then i got this one i gave it the one over in the store.. finish is good.. cylinder lock up is very tight..

but one thing i did'nt check was the cylinder spin.. THESE WAS BOTH SUPPOSE TO BE NIB, NOT USED..

i got it home started looking it over in more detail i notice the cylinder spin was kind of gritty and had a slight catch so i added a bit of oil and spun it for about 5-10mins and it seemed to smooth out..

it was at this time i noticed spinning the cylinder pull out that the ejection/cylinder rod wobbles a little bit.
i put it back and slowly moved the cylinder by hand and notice it was indeed wobbling a bit.. so i looked closely at the gap between barrel and the cylnder.. it does seem to narrow slighly.

wtf should i do? this is the 2nd "NEW" one i've had and it's been 2 days since i got this one from the store i returned the first one to..

i could try to take it back i guess but i already checked this one out before i left the store i'll look like a jack ass saying.. oh well i found another problem, sending it to taurus means a lot of shipping on a gun i already overpaid for..

or should i just ignore this? i've never owned a revolver so how serious is this? please help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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