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Taurus target scout model 96 .22

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Any of you know how much this gun is worth in great condition? Im looking to sell mine and am trying to price it.

Thanks for the help in advance,

Blake in Dallas, TX
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....

Got Pictures? :nopics:
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What he said. :cool:
Not sure how to put one on?
at work. i dont think i can upload from this computer. will try phone.
Can you guys look at my profile and look at them for me? Not sure it worked.
Welcome aboard from the Gunshine State.
Yes there are pictures of it on your profile page, and the one in your avatar.
At seven posts, you shouldn't see the Classified Forum. This is done to deter people from just joining to sell stuff.
We also have a minimum post count to see and access the Political Forum.
..And more importantly....DON'T SELL IT!. . . You'll be sorry.
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