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Robby hit the nail on the head. He's got the quote directly from the catalog.Since the catalog is updated more so than the manuals to a certain extent, catalog trumps manual....only to a degree.

There are +P loads that approach the velocity and bullet weights put into the manuals. So this is a case by case basis of checking to see if the bullet weight and velocity are at or below the recommendations in the manual. Following those velocity and bullet weights would be a good idea. Safety being paramount,+P use with the velocity and bullet weights stated cannot get you into trouble.

Here's a for instance. +P loads for my PT111 Mil/pro,used sparingly or moderately, do not exceed the 1225 feet per second mark. Federal,Remington, and Speer loads that I use are marked at 1200 fps. This in 115gr. bullet weight. 124gr.bullet +P at 1100fps ballpark figure are also used. These are SAAMI accreddited as far as pressures go for safety reasons.

Black Hills makes a +1300fps screamer +P load in 9mm. as a defense round. Using the guidlines set down in the manual, this is a bit much for the gun.Will not use it in the PT111, but will use it moderately in the Ruger P95s.
NATO spec ammo is a no-no under all conditions. It goes over SAAMI specs for safety.

Here's some links that explain more.
Reasoning or what I was going to write are in the links.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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