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Taurus Small Frame Revolvers

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My bedside protector is my 650 CIA .357 magnum snubby revolver. I know when I pull the trigger, this one will always go bang. Extremely loud bang. Don't know what it is about a .357, but I think its a really scary gun. Especially to the bad guy. Kind of like the pit bull of hand guns. Not the biggest dog on the block, but could be the meanest.
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I've never shot a 357 but recall a memory of my dad shooting one. I think it was a SW 357 Magnum revolver, maybe 6 inches?? I remember him loading it half regular loads and half magnums. The sound difference and the difference in his reaction from the recoil was significant enough to stand out in my mind.

I would have to agree ... definantly a noise maker!
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Always been worried about the muzzle flash from my model 605 .357 mag. I've been aiming to shoot at night but can't seem to get to the sticks in an area acceptable to do it. But I suppose a .40 S/W, 9mm, or a shotgun has a significant muzzle flash too.
You might be suprised at the difference. Recently I did a function check on 2 new mags using wolf 9mm ammo at night (when I had time and a place to shoot). The flash wasn't bad. On a whim I emptied my Mod 85 as well (Rem. 158gr LHP +P) and it had noticeably more flash than the cheap 9mm. I was expecting that the cheap ammo would have had more flash than it did as adding flash inhibitors cost more money for the powder. And I expected less flash from the social ammo I had in the 38.

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During the last few decades the ammo makers have been putting in flash retardents or newer powders that cause much less flash. 125 grain magnum rounds of any company usually have this in their ammo. There is also "magnum" lite loads at slightly lower velocity with this benfit. 110 grain magnum rounds generally have less flash than the 125 grain rounds. Certain salts that are non corrosive are put in with the powder. Would have to look up the chemistry on that.
I was at the indoor range last night with my .357 mag. I stated out by shooting a couple boxes of 38's.
Most people their were shooting .22's. Men and women.
When I switched to the .357's a guy came over to see what it was and told me the lady shooting down a few lanes down jumped about three feet into the air when it went off. :eek:
I have three .357's. 2" and 3" barrels.
I must say that the taurus 617 Titanium is the most comfortable of the three. ;D

just thought you may want to see it.
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I have the 605, and even though it can shoot the 357's, I prefer 38+p thank you very much. Less noise and flash and I don't have to reposition my hand after each shot. It's been a very good gun. In fact, I'll be going out in a few and it will be in my waistband ;)
Here's my 851.... I'm am really growing attached to it!!!
oscarswanson said:
I must say that the taurus 617 Titanium is the most comfortable of the three. ;D
Here! Here!! It is my usual carry weapon in a Bianchi Black Widow. I forget it's even on and mine isn't the ultra lite. Fits well in my big hands and rides really nice on my belt.
Not sure if this counts,but I have a Rossi 461 2" in 357.I got it for $150 used as a knock around gun.....it turnded out to be real shooter,so now I use it in IDPA and classified marksman on my 1st try with it.I love the rubber grips,they fit my hand perfectly.I shoot mostly 38's,but the 357's are controllable(although not really fun).I ccw it occasionally too.I actually used it in IPSC over the summer,and everyone wanted to know what I was shooting.....the hard core smith and wesson guys were even interested in it(especially when I told them what I paid for it.) ;D
I get a kick out of the looks and inquiries I get whenever my 650 .357 goes off at the range. Most people can't believe the sound that comes out of such a small package. If had to give up everything and could keep only one gun, it would have to be the Taurus 650 snubby. I know I can depend on it.
I use the Black Widow as well for both my Model 10 and 605. Rides high and conceals very well. Works even better if you run the belt around the outside. This holds the butt in more.
I'll try a picture of my Model 10 if it works.
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Jkwas:I use the same method for my 461 with a Desantis holster.Works great for keeping the gun nice and close and it doesn't move around at all.
JkWas..I like that setup for a revolver. I was thinking about a shoulder rig, but that seems to be the better way to go! The belt on the outside is a good idea.
I just wear a loose t-shirt when I carry the 605, but I find a polo or button down shirt over the t-shirt prints even less. Especially with the Model 10 which is bigger. I have no problem wearing it all day and having the retention strap stops it from falling out by accident, like when bending over in a store etc. It doesn't conceal as well with a full size auto like a P89, the barrel sticks out too far out the bottom for me and peaks out the bottom of the shirt.
Revolvers are my favorite. Snubs are all I carry. I have Five Taurus Revolvers three of them are snubs,617, 605, and 905. The 605 is carried with my SP101 Ruger. The 617 is a 7-shot and good when only carrying one gun. I have had good luck with Taurus and have only had to send Two guns for repair one was my falt it broke.I had no trouble with Customer Service.
I hope this Forum does well and lots of people use it. It needs to get as big as the Smith & Weson Forum.

Taurus I have.
608, 617, 605, 627, 905
Taurus I no longer have.
66, 94, and Two 85s
Yep. Revolvers are a real "go to" gun. You just know they're going to work when you pull that trigger. I like the simplicity of them, and the reliability. Taurus is on top in the revolver game, great products but a lot less bucks than the big old time names.
My preference with .357s is 3" or longer barrel and SP101 or K (medium) frame size guns. Little J frame size stuff, especially made of unobtainium, is too much a hand full with full power loads. I have a M66 3" blued Taurus, older lockwork, I picked up recently at a gun show for $180 I've been carrying some IWB.

Out of a 2" barrel, the .357 isn't a .357. It's all flash bang, all bark and less bite. I get more out of a 3" 9mm +P than most factory loads in .357 out of a 2" barrel and it's much easier to shoot and far more pleasant. Even .38 Special +P is only maybe 100 ft lbs off a .357 when fired out of 2" barrels. A 3" barrel gives the gun OVER 100 more ft lbs (over 500 ft lbs in my 66) and the extra sight radius and weight are helpful in accurate, controlled shooting.

JMHO of course. I bought a .38 M85UL for pocket carry and it does beside duty, too. Inside a house and night, one shot from that .357 and you're deaf and blind.
I am love'n my 605 bobbed hammer model. The ports don't seem all that bad either.
But then I've only shot CCI Blazer 158gr mags.

And yes if you ever have to shoot it in protection if you don't hit and kill him, he wont know much anyways with that BLAST & FLASH, what hair dosen't get blown off sure will get burned off....
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