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Taurus revolver

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Hello all. Signed up yesterday to try and get some information on a new to me Taurus revolver. Started with me finding a left handed holster, which I am, from a leather company that was in Richmond VA, B.T. Crump company. The holster is the kind that the police had back in the day, black for a revolver big belt loop etc. Found a dealer that had a pistol that fit and looked original to the one's from the period. I was not looking for a shooter just a display. The pistol is a Taurus model 80 he told me, 4" barrel 6 shot and blued. On the barrel is 38 SPECIAL. Serial number 799643. We fired 6 rounds and it worked so I was happy. Not a real pistol person. Gun looks new so I called Taurus to see if they could date it. Gave them the serial number and the numbers and letters they pointed out to me when the cylinder is opened. Stamped in one area is 80 and in the swing down portion is 83 with a D under it. Was told they could not help as the gun was older than they had records for. Found this site so I got to reading and thought maybe someone could help with the exact model number, date made and what ammo could be used as the dealer said old as it it not to use +p. I know pictures would help but I don't know how.
Did find a post here from Qwiks draw dated 5/6/15 where he had listed revolvers made. Found the model 80, 82 and 83 listed that fit the description with the 82 maybe like mine as mine has ribs over the area of the cylinder but lacks a rear sight as listed on the 83. As you can tell by now I know very little about older guns but like the history of things and the gun looks good in the holster.
Thanks for reading and for any help.
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A picture of the Taurus logo on the side if posted will give us a general set of dates it was manufactured.

Please look at this thread for pics and dates of logo's
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If you've got the photo loaded to the HD, go to reply then the square box with the four little dots on the right in the menu bar.
Welcome aboard! Stay tuned I am confident that some one here will have answer for you.
Thanks for the post. Mine has the made between 1949 to 1973 logo. Now if I can find what model it is, because the list I found from Qwiks draw says the model 80 was introduced in 1980? Maybe I can get one of the grandkids to post a picture.
Thanks to all.
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