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Taurus revolver noob needs help! Model 431 info very welcome!

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Hi from Holland,

just introduced myself on the forum... New Taurus owner(PT99, PT57, PT22) but no revolver yet... Found a new old stock model 431 online but cant find any info on the specific gun...

Is advertised as new, DAO, bobbed hammer, tritium sights(rear sight looks like the one on Sig Sauer pistols!), grey finish, with it looks like Uncle Mikes grips...

but cant find any info on the specific type/model... Is it a factory model 431, or was it an aftermarket job?

your help is much appreciated,

best regards



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Model 431 is a nice shooter. Is .44 special available where you are?Can be kind of expensive to shoot.

Enter the serial number here https://www.taurususa.com/find-model.cfm and you should find out when it was built.Maybe whether or not it was DAO from the factory.The sight doesn't look factory and I am not sure about the finish.

If the price is right and ammo is available I say go for it!
Hi Stoker, thanks for the info... .44 Special is available, although expensive... But I already handload for my S&W 624... Found the Serial link too but cant make out the serialnumber... Seller hasnt responded yet... Price is a little high, 498 euro, but if it is indeed a factory model I would go for it, aftermarket no thanks..

hope someone down here has some info to share

best regards,

Welcome to the forum Jumme!
I have a 431 and it is a great gun. My philosophy is "if you want it and can afford it go for it".
I think the 431 and the 441 were one of the greatest revolvers Taurus ever made. The 431 has fixed sights, the 441 has adjustable rear sight. It looks like that hammer was modified aftermarket because I don't remember them offering one with a bobbed hammer. That's a really good looking gun, congrats and welcome to the forum !
Welcome from Brooker Florida, I have a 431 that was made in 1996. Very good revolver. That one had definitely been modified but it looks good.
Thanks for the replies and info.... Trying to get the serial from the seller to check.. If an aftermarket job, it looks like nicely done, but wondering where it has been done...
the sight combo looks to me like Siglite rear, XS big dot like in the front... Cant imagine thats factory...

extra info appreciated!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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