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Taurus Repair program

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Sent my 24/7 pro c in to Taurus for repair as it was misfiring as soon as I bought it. It looked used but sold as new to me. They received it May 19th,2008 .I received it back today 6/16/08 Problems found: and replaced: Captive recoil spring and firing pin. Part number 36100811 Recoil assy xtra DIAM MOD PT 111 PRO
No charge for repair but they sent it back Fed Xpress at $23.00 plus Can't beat Taurus !!!
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Good info and post. Have to give us the obligatory range report now that the gun's back. LOL

Half serious and half kidding. Inquiring minds want to know.
Yep let us know how it shoots. :shooter:
Haven't had a chance tp shoot the "repair" yet. Can't wait. I will add though that they cleaned and oiled nice,Looks like a brand new gun (as it should)
Uneasy here:: Well you asked for a report and here it is (after I bragged Taurus up a bit) I loaded a mag with 6 rounds of Lawman 115 grs and another with Federal Personal defense JHP,, Didn't fill the mags as I just wanted to see how things went. First I tried the safety. It looked like it was on safety (I admit I did not put my finger in the guard and make certain the trigger was all the forward) anyway the gun fired. I tried it again and the safety held. I got off a couple rounds when I got a "click" figured 2nd pull would be the SA shot, no such luck ,no fire, tried again same . I dropped the mag,pulled the slide back and the round was not chambered ,just stuck there. I jacked the slide and It came out. I put the other mag in with the Federal ammo JHP and had the same problem with a couple rounds not firing, This is the problem I sent it in to correct. Gets better. I decided after reading the problem areas in this site to buy some Winchester Ball and hollow points. Before I tried to fire any I came back to this site tonight. looking for your notes on any problems. Found someone had some mag feed trouble. I loaded one mag with Blazer and one with Winchester ball (10 rds each) and tried stripping with my thumb. one of the blazer rds took a nosedive in the mag when the spring pushed it up !! Then I put an empty mag in and jacked the slide, The plastic cap on the rear came partly out. (Loose) I pushed it back in and removed the mag and slide, the cap came out !! loose.. I either have been sold a used gun for new or I have a lemon. I will call tomorrow (Mon 6/23/08 But it looks like it is going back again. I haven't been able to fire for "fun" or practice since I bought it and at age 76 on a small pension can't afford to keep sending it back for repair.We have no gun shops in town and I would have to drive 35 miles back to where I bought it and they have no gun smith My real nick name is Hard Luck Howdy now you know why I am "Uneasy" on this site
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I feel your pain my friend, wish i could offer a bit of hope, but sadly i am in the same spot you are. I purchased a new 24/7 OSS model. Took it to the range the next day and had problems with it shooting way low and not firing with no primer strikes on primer. Of course the dealer would do nothing so i had to ship it to Taurus. They have had it a couple of weeks now and i have no idea if they have even started on it yet or not. Sure wish they had an email address to check on things, but no you have to keep calling them... :mad:

If i ever get it back i will use a local gunsmith from now on. Probably won't cost anymore than having to pay shipping both ways and wait for 1 or 2 months to get it back. After this experience i don't know if i will ever buy another Taurus product.

Don't feel like the lone ranger...

Uneasy #2
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Oh, i just called "Customer Service" and i feel so much better now. I was informed after having to repeat the serial number 4 times, that they received the gun on the 7th... 3 days after it shows them signing for it on the 4th. Why am i feeling better you ask??? The girl said that she would put it on a "RUSH" for me... :rolleyes:

Want to buy some farmland in Florida?... ;)
Sorry about the bad luck guys.
Well, it isn't all bad luck actually, i may have just picked out the only 24/7 OSS that has problems out of a million, but the rest seems to be from not very good customer service on the part of Taurus, but then again i won't really know that for sure until after it's all over and all the facts are in.

Hoping for a good resolution as i really do like the gun and my PT140 has been a rock solid daily carry. I won't let two dip sticks who answer phones and give phony excuses sour my opinion of the company yet until the company proves themselves unworthy of trust.
could you clarify?

Are you still getting the light strikes or are the
rounds now not being chambered?

Justus, I had two rounds that didn't chamber. I was going to try different ammo ,but first went to the complaint site here and found others having same problem. sooo I loaded two mags with 10 each and tried thumb stripping, twice a round "nosedived" Then I put in an empty mag with the slide open and released the thumb latch, When the slide "Banged "shut the plastic captive piece on the slide came out a bit. I pushed it back in, removed the slide and the part fell out. needless to say I did not fire for effect anymore. I called Taurus and wrote up the problems, made copies of "ALL" the first time I sent it in and now this problem. I asked them to fire the gun after they "repaired" it to make sure it was fixed (if they were going to try to repair) and send me a business reoly postage slip in case I had to send it back. This last time I sent it federal express and it cost me $56, I now have $76 (dollars) in postage. and have never been able to shoot without problems. I paid $363 with tax (on sale) and have not had the use of the gun and paid out enough money in postage that soon I could buy a Kimber or another weapon I could trust. Lifetime warrenty is no good if the weapon is in transit or being repaired. They replaced the recoil spring and firing pin the first time,and I think I got it back in worse shape. I ask them if they could not repair it to "like new" to send me a New gun".. As far as the light strikes, I cannot say as some times it fired sometimes not. Not dependable. I am aware of the fact that weapons have their favorite ammo,,but due to the last problem I have not had the chance to try other ammo. My gun is a 24/7 Pro compact 9mm model 1-247099pc17 SN-TAX 79160 not in the 2008 or 2007 catalog ??
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OK thanks.

You keep saying that your model is not in the Taurus catalog.
It is listed, your UPC # is on page 45 of the 2008 pdf catalog on the Taurus site.
UPC? I was looking for a picture. I forget the UPC number. I recieved a catalog (2008) with the return of the repair (1st repair) and today I recieved another with a Rossi catalog. I requested a catalog long before I had problems, don't know why it took so long.
There's a photo of a .40 cal SS Compact and
a .40 cal Blued Standard on page 14 of the catalog.
You have a 9mm stainless compact.

There are 36 variants of the 24/7 Pro listed on page 44 + 45 of
the catalog, would it really be necessary to photograph all of them?
Not necessary to photograph all of the guns unless you want to spend $400 then it might help

Uneasy: did they fix the chip in the slid when you sent it in for the repair ?
I don't think I had the chip. Someone here did :???:
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