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hard to say, i would think they would repair the barrel and slide as well..

i've heard locking blocks should be changed every 5000 rounds.. but i dunno..

the original beretta design the blocks are suppose to last at LEAST 5k rounds.. most lasted 10-15k
they redesigned the block and the newer ones are suppose to get 25-30k before requiring a replacement.

i'd day 3k mark falls far short unless maybe you was firing +P OR +P+ which you was'nt.

i have a AFS as well, but you was able to take the gun apart with the safety on? i can't move my slide with it on.

also i notch you have pachmayr grips, any problems?
i bought the same type and 1. could not fit the screws threw them to grip/thread.. i had to send them back for repair.
2. they seemed incredibly tight and took every once of strength just to line the holes up on both sides, did you have any problems getting yours on?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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