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First Post and probably new TAURUS OWNER if I solve this problem.

A cousin of mine has a TAURUS PT92-Compact. Nice size. It uses 12 round double-stack magazines and I fall in love with this gun and offered him to buy it,but only have 1 compact mag and 5 full size.

He told me he tried the standard TAURUS PT-92 15 rounds magazines in the Compact. They fit and lock perfectly EXCEPT they stick out of the bottom by about a half inch.

According to him the lips and magazines are designed exactly the same in the 92PT-Compact and the PT-92. The only difference is that the mags for the Compact are shorter.
The standard PT92 magazines (15 rounds) are easier to find. And cheap. Great to use for practice.

Does anyone know of an adapter/sleeve to work great with full size mags in the compact allowing me to use the 15 round mags in the Compact?

I have small hands and handled the full size PT-92 and did not like compared to the compact.

I thank you for any help
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