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taurus model 605 timing and pin strike

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my name is Ben i'm new to the forum, and i'm having some trouble with my gun its a taurus model 605. The problem is when I shoot double action the gun will either skip the first shell and strike between that one and the next, or not strike the shell hard enough to set it off. it does this at least 1 out 5 trigger pulls. It works perfectly in single action, but I can't figure it out. I tried cleaning it really good even took off the side plate and cleaned out the gunk, after that it worked for about 15 shells then just started doing the same thing. Anybody know whats wrong?

I apprietiate the help,

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well im not a revolver expert but it does sound like it's out of time..

you should call taurus and get it sent back, a revolver out of time will at best be unreliable and worse case scenario you could end up with a KB (kaboom).
i may take it to a gunsmith then, I will never send anything back to taurus again, there customer service is a joke and they are rude, and there turn around time is leaves alot to be desired, also I don't think they were qualified to make the gun the first time let alone repair it.
ya i've heard the stories about repairs and such.. i have'nt had to deal with them before..

on the other hand if you decide it aint' worth fixing and want to unload it cheap i'll buy it and take my chances with taurus.
i like the gun i just don't like the company
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