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joe sixpack said:
i dont think it will keep growing it will slow down i think..

why? well the 92 i bought is flawless.. a bit rough under the pistol grips and stuff but other wise a very solid gun.

the revolver i bought 627 tracker, had problems with the first 2 i got BRAND NEW. QA seems to be sporadic at best.

also it seems their prices are creeping up ever so much.. without putting the finishing touches and refining the guns that extra little bit as their prices get closer and closer to other brands that do S&W, Beretta, Ruger.. they're sells will probably slow since there is less value in buying their guns over the competition.. true they have some unique guns.. but most of what they sell are clones or very similar can be had else where.

if they clean up their QA and refine the guns a little more i dont see any reason they can't compete on the same level as every one else.
Thanks for the message. The demand for Taurus' revolvers and pistols is booming, at record and never before seen levels. As the firm's profits exceed earlier expectations and more money is invested on R&D, to enhance the quality of its products and production efficiency, Taurus tends to increasingly be associated with the industry's cutting edge.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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