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In addition to the above comments I'll add:

I do feel that Taurus is a good value and will likely increase as time goes on. And many people feel that the new revolvers from domestic makers are not anywhere near as good as the ones produced many years ago.

If Taurus would modify/increase effort towards LE (Law Enforcement) marketing that would probably help increase their market share. Just look at Glock for an example. If the general public sees or hears about department X shifting to Taurus from Glock, Sig, or Smith (for example) that will help. The above mentioned brands give LE a good to great discount on the guns. Yes, not much money (per gun) is made but the Marketing Brand is helped.

One area that I feel Taurus improve on is their organization and system for Custom Service. I (fortunately) haven't had to deal with them (yet) but having the gun logged into the system as soon as it arrives would help. Even if there is a few days wait until a tech can look at it, the gun's owner who calls to see how its doing can be told "Well sir, your gun was received and logged into our system on monday but due to the number of guns ahead of it, a tech won't be able to look at it until thursday or friday. And sir, just as a point of reference, 75% (I'm just tossing a number out here) of the guns we receive in either don't need any work or just a minor adjustment. But with our Lifetime Warranty many people send in their guns to be checked, just to be sure nothings wrong." When an owner calls in and there is either no record found or conflicting information (from call to call) it doesn't make a good impression and gun owners talk, alot.

Another thing that would help is a definite list of whats acceptable to change/replace on a gun that won't void the warranty. When Customer Service is asked this, the answer changes depending on who you talk to and possibly the phase of the moon.

One thing that I feel Taurus could also do is make a limited run of various older designs that are well liked but didn't sell enough to keep in steady production. The various large bore (45 Colt, 44 Special, 45 ACP) snubby revolvers come to mind here. Even if every couple of years they make a few hundred or thousand, say 1 caliber a year, they would sell. Those large bore revolvers are desired by many people for carry and with more States passing carry laws there are more people interested.

We're starting to see more after market support as far as different sights and holsters available. Many people don't like a given type of sight and may not get a gun that has them, especially if they can't easily replace them. An example here is the 2" 44 magnum Tracker. I'm not a fan of the fiber optic sights and thats what is on the front of the gun. I haven't gotten one because I'm not sure that I can get it replaced easily. Since the sight is dovetailed in, a basic front sight of the correct height could be offered. I wouldn't care if I had to order it myself and put it on, its available. More of the high end holster makers are adding Taurus guns to their list. I'm not sure what the company could do to help with this.

Another thing that could increase sales is an available Custom or Semi-Custom Shop. I'm not talking about full on custom built guns. But if a person wanted a Tracker series gun without the muzzle porting, right now they are out of luck. But if there was a Custom Shop they could have the gun altered with the warranty still valid. And there might be limits here. With the Tracker example above, say the Shop took a 6" gun (standard item) and shortened the barrel down to a 4" but without the ports. The owner is now happy and will tell his friends about it. And when there isn't enough work to keep the Custom Shop busy, they help with Warranty work.

Guess I had more to say than I thought. :D

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