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Taurus manufacturing date

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I know this has been covered before but I can not find it
Where can I find the MFG date on the Taurus web site for a particular pistol thanks ahead of the help. I've used it before but my memory seems to have failed me AGAIN!!!!
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Under customer care it says find my model...bottom left hand of home page
Thanks Panfish
I tried it under Find my Model and under Facts and they both come up no matches they are closed till after the 1st of the year I'll call them back then
Thanks again
If your Taurus does not have the three letter prefix in the serial number, they MAY not be able to help you. That's what they told me anyway. I have an older nickel plated PT92 that didn't show up in their database. I have found another (I may purchase it before the end of the week) and it doesn't show up either. However I found a few online (that had a single letter prefix) that DID decipher correctly using the online tool.

Who knows?

Good Luck.
Mine is brand new this year. Only has 2 a letter prefix. No matches.
I bought a 85 on the Thursday before Christmas and it worked for me....That's not to say they aren't having issues....

I will try it again and get back to you
I just tried it and it worked for me...Allhands may be on to something....I bought a 85 and the grip didn't have the bulls head on it
so i knew it was new old stock so i used it to bargain down the price....But when i got home i ran the number as well as just a minute ago and it worked.
sometimes people think its an "O" and its really a zero, or think its a one and its an "L" or an "I".
and similar confusion and so the serial number entered may be incorrect.
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