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Taurus M66 7rd question

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Kind of random, and sorry.. new guy here so hope I'm correctly posting.

Anyways, I have a brand new (never fired) blue (black) 4inch, 7 rd .357. I did install a hogue grip (still have original, and box), and had my gunsmith install lighter springs(still have originals and extras, came as 6 pack) and sight correctly. I've had it about 3 months, but now am thinking I'd either like the Stainless version, or may save up and get a S&W 686 down the road (and buy a S&W MP15 with the M66 $$). As far as trading/selling goes, what would be the best way to go about paying minimal out of pocket costs, considering the revolver is brand new and technically upgraded? I'd totally trade my m66 for a new or lightly used ss model. Cheers.
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You could try getting 25 posts here then putting it in the Classifieds, as a new, unfired model 66. You could also post it on Gunbroker and hope for a bidding situation. Will you get what you're looking for, who knows, but I wish you luck.
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