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Does anyone know much about the taurus M616 4" 357? I picked one of this a few month's ago at Gander Mtn for $359.95 on Clearance from $529.00 and then the next week they were back at $529.00. I have tried to check the Taurus website but I don't get any info. The only info I have found is from GunBroker, where there are a few for sale. If anyone has one of these M616 4" 357 in titanium. Please pass on some info regarding how they shoot or if they are worth a dam. This is not my first gun but it is my first revolver. I have NOT shot it yet but plan to get to the range this weekend to shot my newest toy ( Stag AR15 ).

I was also looking for some laser grips but can't find any for this model. If anyone has laser grips or even replacement grips for this model I would love to get the info.

thanks for any help
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