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Taurus judge for trail gun?

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I was thinking about getting a Judge for a trail gun, Doing some research it looks like 410 buckshot isn't good for Brown bears and the judge isn't Certified for +p ammo for 45colt, which basically means its about same power as a .45 acp

Anyone have one and is it a good trail gun or should I just carry my .45 acp with self defence ammo, with some snake shot on the side and bear spray, Or maybe .357 with good ammo and snake shot.

I was also thinking .44 magnum but It messes up my wrists too much
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I think you answered your own question about the Judge.
I don't spend a lot of time in bear country but black bears are on the rise in MO, especially the south - mountain lions are here but rarely seen and sparse. That said - my choice would be:
1) 44 magnum (ruled out)
2) 10mm - like Glock 20 at 15+1 hard hitting load + high round count
3) 357 Magnum
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Thx, I was thinking might be wrong about the info I looked up so I decided to ask here , I will probably go with 357 and maybe carry bear mace as well, I have come across a bear once, but it was about 100 yards away and didn't notice me , so I just quickly went back the other direction
Bear spray is the best to carry. But a .357 is a good back up just on the off chance the spray doesnt work.
If your main concern is bear, than the 10mm is a great choice
.454 casul, that will leave a mark.
If you can't go with a slower hunting partner, .44 mag or .454 casull
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