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Mods, I am not sure where the best spot for this is, so please move it if needed.

I saw this posted on the Taurus Facebook page and thought I would share it here also.

  • Good day all, KI here from Taurus Customer Service. I have had several questions that I wanted to answer for everyone in hopes that it will assist you all. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    1. What is the best way to reach Taurus Customer Service?
    A. By calling our customer service line via toll free number 1.800.327.3776 or 305.624.1115. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-10pm EST. The best time to reach us is early in the morning or late in the evening. Mondays and Tuesdays are our busiest days.
    2. Do you have an email address to reach customer service?
    A. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have this option available, but this is something that we are working on. We will update you when this changes.
    3. Is contacting you on facebook a faster option?
    A. Actually, no. Facebook is managed by myself and now one other customer service employee. We check this only a couple of times a day during normal business hours Monday-Friday. Your best option would still be to call.
    4. Why can I not place orders for parts and accessories online?
    A. This is also something that we are looking forward to offering our customers. We have a lot of changes that we are working on for the near future.
    5. Why does Taurus not call customers with updates on service orders or sales orders?
    A. In the last year we have grown dramatically in customer service. We have a new VoIP phone system, we increased our staffing from 6 to 18, we increased our hours from 8am-6pm to 8am-10pm. Unfortunately the availability and bandwidth were measured for inbound volume. We have plans to begin outbound follow ups and campaigns with a new outbound department inside customer service. This is more growth that we are experiencing for the satisfaction and accessibility for our customers.
    6. I have issues with my repair details when I received my firearm back from a service order and the work performed does not match my issues or gun type.
    A. We are changing to a new system in the repair department to give more visibility to customers via customer service or our service order status review on the website. Unfortunately an unforeseen issue in the system caused a few mix ups. If you receive incorrect information, we deeply apologize and will give you the correct information in regards to your repair.
    7. What are restricted parts?
    A. Parts that have been determined can cause damage to the firearm when replaced incorrectly.
    8. What is not covered under warranty? What is covered under warranty?
    A. Please read your warranty and repair policy entirely. Your warranty covers manufacturer defects and all parts excluding sights, grips, and magazines after the first year. Your warranty can be voided with the use of reloads, certain aftermarket changes, and damaged determined to be caused by negligence.
    9. Does Taurus cover the shipping of the firearms to the facility?
    A. We do cover the cost of the covered repair and the shipping of the firearm back to the customer, however we do not cover the cost of the shipping to the repair facility. We do extend the courtesy of covering shipping for 'Out of Box Experience' for the first 90 days of ownership of the original owner of the firearm.
    10. Do I need to return my firearm to my dealer to send in to repair?
    A. First, check with your local and state laws. Shipping a firearm to the manufacturer can be done in most states and areas with no issues. Taking your firearm into the dealer to send in may extend the time to get the firearm back to you. You cannot ship the firearm through USPS mail, however you can ship through Fed Ex or UPS.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you all for your questions, postings, and information!

    Carry On>KI

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