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This is not a spring problem. The light strikes is most likely caused by the transfer bar. I have the 357 Gaucho in brushed stainless. Had the same problem with occasional "light strikes" on the primer. Called up the Taurus center and talked to the rep there. He is the one that told me that it is most likely caused by bad transfer bar. Said I could send the whole gun in for servicing or I could only send in the transfer bar and they would send me a replacement part. I liked that idea a lot better. Sent in transfer bar and 10 days later, got a replacement part in the mail. Got it all put back together but have not tested it at the range yet. The firing pin looks like it comes out further than it did using the old original transfer bar. Can't wait to go try it out. Love the looks and feel of the gun.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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