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What's up everyone!! I live in NC and own two Taurus guns. One is a Judge 4-inch barrel blued.
The other gun is a stainless 24/7 pro 4 inch barrel. Love em' both. Why does Taurus get no love on other sites? Is it just because we don't overpay for our weapons??

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Welcome from West Texas! :wave:

If you wanna talk Judge, look up member Robby. :shooter:

No love on other sites for Taurus, because we are an elite group. Little bit sharper than your average firearm owner. :zzz:

Hope you enjoy this forum, and look forward to hearing from you on the boards. :thumb:

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A big Bluegrass welcome to TaurusArmed, glad you could join us. And IMO, it's like you pegged it; Taurus doesn't cost 1 1/2 to 2x what some other brands do yet still do the same thing. :p

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A nice big welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma! Could be that those other
folk are just jealous! Perhaps they should just wise up, & come over to
Taurus Country! :D

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Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you aboard.

As for the snobs,trolls,and bashers.......: :p :mad: :soapbox: :shooter: :puke: :guns: :deadhorse: :bang: :devil: :judge:

The below is from TFL.

Time to end the possible agenda and set things straight.

This has been hashed,rehashed,turned into puree and flogged to death countless times,run over by elephants and God knows what else.

Here's some blasts from the past.

And that's just a partial list. Could bring more but what's the point.

The below is from another thread at a different forum. It gets the points across.
This is interesting. This is not a buyer beware as was first put out as. All the gun makers are having their problems. This includes S&W. In a very recent Gun Tests article the 629 s cylinder would not lock up properly.
I will grant Pierce this, he is right. Buyers have to be aware of what they are buying. Have to have experience and knowledge to do this. It also takes time,mistakes,mentoring by others,and the ability to learn from those things or people. Withit comes wisdom to do the right things. Most here have that or are in the process of acquiring that. We always do. Life is an always learning experience.

S&W has also had teething troubles with the M&P pistol.
Then there is the S&W lock problem blown out in threads all over the gun forums.

This would make own disown or decide that S&W cannot make a decent product and that I will never buy one because of this.

I can recite all kinds of printed gripes and problems with many of the so called 'better' gun companies.

These all have their problems discussed at the gun specific forums and at the general ones as well. Yet no one is going out of there way to do what is being done here.
Even Wilson Combat and other custom makers have had their troubles of recent. More than most are willing to verify. Yet the they are not having done to them what is being done here or claimed to have been done.

We have staff and members here and at the other gun forums who trust their lives rightly to what they buy and use. This includes Taurus and many other brands, makes, and models as well.

Other members own just Taurus products and have had no reasons to go with other brands. Don't need to in their cases.

There are a majority of us who have had Taurus for 10 -20 years or more and the products are still going strong. So that is not an issue.
Minor maintenance and some minor parts have been replaced, but that is all.
If you bothered to read the thread here in this board about Taurus Accomplishments then this may never have gotten started, but why would facts bother anyone trying to deliberately denigrate Taurus and who has an agenda to do that.


This shows that the old lies and balderdash are dead. This is true at the other gun forums as well. Every insidious lie,half truth,hyperbole,and vitriol just show what is truly going on and does not do anyone credit.

I have pointed out time and time again how Mas Ayoob, Chuck Karwan, and many other well known and fully accredited instructors, have written up Taurus revolvers and pistols as being good choices for LEOs and civilians alike. This is in the tactical and police training journals for the last over 20 years.

I have 20 years or more of these journals on hand. This includes recent ones. Have had to work with hundreds of police officers both military and not over my 20 year career.

Many members here and other gun forums are retired and active duty rely on some form of Taurus product on a regular basis. By choice mind you.

These are intelligent common sense people.

So the company, the police, and civilians must be doing something right. They make good choices on good basic facts or they would not go with what they know. Simple as that.

Insulting people's intelligence is a sign of total disrespect. This shows immaturity,rudeness,arrogance, and total conceit. Not good. That's what one does when they come here and do this here or at other gun forums.
Nothing like doing humanity a total dis-service.

Others have done this as well with other complaints as well. Not all. Just some. You know who you are. I've even caught a few in the lies, but chose not to 'expose' them as they have already done this by what was said and the way they write.
One can chose to learn to shoot properly or not. They can choose to learn about the gun and work with it or not. One can learn to maintain a gun or not.

There have been many problems due to any of the above reasons. We've all done them to a certain degree at one time or another. Will still have it happen. Many of the problems experienced by others at this forum were taking care of by a mechanical fix or proper shooting technique or by a maintenance go over.
Happens all the time. There will be those who have mechanical troubles and will never want another one. Fine.These do happen with mechanical contrivances.Guns are those.
Either work with them through things or get on with life.

Don't come here to this house, or anyone else's, and tell them their idiots and morons.And every thing they have is garbage when that is not the truth.
For those who have not had an easy time of it, I can empathize to a degree with that. The ones who truthfully have had a hard time.



That about covers it.
NRA member- Join the NRA or pro-gun group. Stand up and be counted. www.rugerforum.com
www.taurusarmed.net www.rugerforum.net
Thus ends the preaching and the lifted post from TFL by yours truly. Maybe. LOL



Some people are of this ilk, but most are not.

This place is a haven for those seeking such a place to participate without the degradation,disrespect,or trashing of one's picks and personal values.

This is a diverse bunch from every walk of life. We always may not see eye to eye, but maintaining a polite and friendly atmosphere has been the norm.

There are many from here who have and are "Defenders of Taurus".... or any other decent brand,make, or model of firearm.

One of the more prevalent defenders has been JR47 at TFL. Take a bow JR.

At THR there are others. Many others.

If Benzene or another member from TFL is here check in and take a bow also.

Or anyone who's been at other forums and been of service in this department.

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If you wanna talk Judge, look up member Robby
lol...I just thought the same thing when I read it :D.....pretty funny Smokewagon

Welcome From Arizona.....kevman2 :wave: Glad that you are here..look around and have fun ..
I see Qwiks saw your Question..lol :D :D
better pour yourself a BIG glass of tea and sit back :D

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kevman2, welcome to Taurus Armed from VEGAS!

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You know i almost listened to the bashers on the other forums but instead i joined this one and read through here for a few months and then i bought not one but two as you can see,so not all there bashings works so thanks guys

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Thanks for the welcome, guys!! I read the FAQ's and did not see a reference to my question. Sorry if it is an old topic, but I could not help but wonder what the deal is. I love my 40 caliber 24/7 pro and was wondering why none of the gunshops actively push this series of guns. They push the xd's by springfield and the m&p's from smith. They will sell you one, but it seems that it's only after you ask "hey what is that over there? Yeah, that gun behind the S&W"."

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Glad you met the FAQers ( anybody ever care for that movie?) and got into the links.

Yes, it's old hat, but questions like that are going to be asked for all time as a matter of course. No harm,no foul. Besides, info is our business. Well..... for some of it is.LOL
You should of seen what could have been brought as links. One would be in therapy from shock.LOL

This forum has great staff and members who'll give you the shirt off their backs.The only bias here is that we all love to shoot..... any kind of gun.

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Welcome from South Carolina, plenty of Taurus love here!!! :-* ;)

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Welcome Aboard,you know when i was shopping around i looked at pricing but i will tell you this, i also read what was said about the PT 111 pro here from real people. you can ask at a gun shop in which i encountered when you mention taurus its like oh no, not another one.they seem like they get frustrated.my cousin has an XD subcompact to me it seems a little heavier then a PT 111pro and wider but actually the same size i've fired it at the range.I must say i am kinda partial to mine.Seems to me alot like to get the Hi$$$ items sold first.
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