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Taurus customer service...they can't find my gun at this moment??!!

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Taurus has had my 431 since March 26, 2007. The gun was sent in for failing to fire in DA and really bad point of impact issues. I have been calling every once in a while to check on it. Last week, they said it was all done and waiting to be shipped. Today is friday and no gun so I called to inquire. The CS guy said "Now why hasn't this gotten back to you yet?". He then put me on hold for a bit. He then comes back and says my gun is waiting for accuracy testing by the gunsmith which he says is one guy. The rub? He says he can't find my gun??!! I left him my number and he is supposed to call back as soon as they can find it. ??? I'll keep you posted. I'm not happy right now. I'm at 8 weeks of waiting and now they can't even find it.
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drummin_man627 said:
I just read the S&W waranty. It says "original" owner". So if you buy one used, you're probably S.O.L. Maybe S&W should follow Taurus. I know that if I buy a used Taurus and it breaks, it'll get fixed. I may have to wait, but it will be repaired.
Does anyone have a broken 908 for sale? lol
Maybe that is part of the problem. They are fixing 20 year old guns that have been bouncing around in a truck for the past 19 1/2 years.
Taurus is also very aggressive in releasing new product lines.
Maybe they need to split the service dept into 2 groups.
One that fixes older models and one that is working on new stuff.
Two weeks from the recent promise of a gun made to me by Taurus customer service on Aug31 is tomorrow. I have no gun and no word from Taurus yet but was promised a gun within 2 weeks. Any odds on whether Taurus does what they said this time? Tomorrow's the day. I'm exited! Should I be...time will tell.
Powerkicker. In case you haven't noticed there is now an inhouse factory rep form Taurus International as a member here. Just recently joined. He's holding court in the Member Introduction board right now.

Odd how that got overlooked. Oh, well. :)

[email protected] can be PMed or queried at the thread.
Thanks Qwiks draw! Pleading my case to another Customer Service guy is certainly going to help! I'll post over there in that thread :)
No gun and no word here or in the thread you mentioned Qwiks draw, which I did post in as suggested.I see Richard had responded to others in the thread but not me. I PM'd him too with a link to this thread and he pm'd back that he couldn't open this thread for some reason. Odd. I guess I'll call again on monday :-\
Keep trying. Near the end of or on the weekend response can take time. He's probably also the voice on the telephone when Customer service is called, so he may be up to his armpits in alligators right now.
I called today and was told that it was pulled from inventory this morning and would ship either this afternoon or more likely tomorrow. I'm excited again.
And then what happened?

...and then, they shipped me a Taurus 44 magnum Tracker that has a timing problem and a sticking trigger that I will send back to them monday :(
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