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Taurus customer service...they can't find my gun at this moment??!!

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Taurus has had my 431 since March 26, 2007. The gun was sent in for failing to fire in DA and really bad point of impact issues. I have been calling every once in a while to check on it. Last week, they said it was all done and waiting to be shipped. Today is friday and no gun so I called to inquire. The CS guy said "Now why hasn't this gotten back to you yet?". He then put me on hold for a bit. He then comes back and says my gun is waiting for accuracy testing by the gunsmith which he says is one guy. The rub? He says he can't find my gun??!! I left him my number and he is supposed to call back as soon as they can find it. ??? I'll keep you posted. I'm not happy right now. I'm at 8 weeks of waiting and now they can't even find it.
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drummin_man627 said:
I just read the S&W waranty. It says "original" owner". So if you buy one used, you're probably S.O.L. Maybe S&W should follow Taurus. I know that if I buy a used Taurus and it breaks, it'll get fixed. I may have to wait, but it will be repaired.
Does anyone have a broken 908 for sale? lol
Maybe that is part of the problem. They are fixing 20 year old guns that have been bouncing around in a truck for the past 19 1/2 years.
Taurus is also very aggressive in releasing new product lines.
Maybe they need to split the service dept into 2 groups.
One that fixes older models and one that is working on new stuff.
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