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I was in a little Ma & Pa gun shop many years ago, and the store owner handed me a Ruger all-weather rifle in 7.62X39!!  I thought - what a great rifle this would make for my young son.  The round is cheap, so he could practice a lot... It has almost the same ballistics as a 30-30...synthetic stock and stainless - so it wouldn't need the TLC as much as others. The asking price was about $310. I passed on it finally. OUCH!!! I found out several years later that it was a special run by Ruger ( they only made 1,000 ) and now they are highly sought after and go for close to a grand in good shape!!!
Just noticed now that Ruger is making the Hawkeye compact rifle in 7.62X39 and more expensive than the Remington!!


P.S. - post 357! cooool... I may have to stop posting now.....
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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