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fords4life said:
Remington is making a bolt gun in 7.62x39 it is model 799 which is a modified mauser action. I am getting ready to order one for myself as soon as my reenlistment bonus hits the bank.
That sounds like a really neat rifle, but I already have a M7 Remington in .308 Winchester that I think is superior as a sporting rifle at least for the caliber even if it's not controlled round feeding. I'm not sure what the 7.62x39 would do that I can't get done with my .308, but it sounds fun to play with. I have a couple of SKSs I shoot occasionally. Surplus ammo is cheaper, though I handload for all my bolt guns. I've often thought the 7.62x39 could be a VERY accurate round in a decent bolt gun. The SKSs ain't exactly tack drivers, LOL!

Yes, a VERY saturated market. I don't know sales numbers, but between Savage and Remington, I bet there ain't a lot left of the market share. CZs and Tikka and such are getting some popularity and breaking into the market, but they have euro sales to fall back on. I'm happy with a couple of Remingtons and a Savage. I'm not sure how you're going to build a more accurate, decent quality gun for the money than the basic Savage 110 or Stevens 200 (a Savage product). Remingtons are smoother actions, better finished, but they don't shoot much, if any, better and they cost more, well, the 700s and such, not that new bargain Remington. I prefer the Savage to that gun, personally. The Savage design is what makes it so affordable and cheap to produce, less machining and precision fitting. The barrel nut eliminates machining of the barrel for head spacing and the bolt is mult-piece allowing for less machining/fitting. They work great, but cost less to produce. It's really sort of genious in a bargain gun and danged hard for anyone to top IMHO. How Savage ever got near bankruptcy I'll never know. They went throug a restructuring in the 80s and have not looked back. They really have a fine product for the money. And, as Savage arose from the ashes and started to take market share, Winchester went belly up. It's a fixed demand and if one finds a piece of the pie, it seems it comes out of someone else's slice.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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