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OK, going to try this again.
I just C&P'd the original post that didn't work and attached the link differently.
It should start playing automatically.

OK...........I'll be the forum fool since I have no pride nor talent.
This is the only recording I have at the moment and I posted it quite a while
ago mostly to punish folks in here.
It's called "Weirdness".
At the time we lived in Washington and I was noodling around with my Asher lap steel
and a Roland GR 55 synth I bought. Just messing about with chords and progressions
and making noises. I like ambient and new age music.
As luck would have it a neighbor was at our house and heard it. I told her I was just messing about
and trying to figure out the Roland and it wasn't a song.
My wife, bless her heart, said "You should stretch it out and give her a copy".
I replied, "Are you serious?"
So, 45 minutes later I handed the neighbor a thumb drive with this bit of drivel on it
All of it is done on the Asher including the drone.
It's not really good but I don't care and somebody started this thread so here I am.........

Also, if anyone listens to songs posted in here I suggest you use headphones.
Listening to music on a cellphone or a computer is one step below the fidelity of soup can/string telephones.

I also think this thread is an excellent idea. I'd like to hear what others do.
I am working on a song now and when I get it done I will post it up just to dole out more punishment.
You have been warned..

I apologize for the music that follows my song. Soundcloud does that for some really really dumb reason.
It's enough to make a rock vomit. My song however only makes small stones vomit.
I do not like Soundcloud, they seem to make it difficult to play anything without adding on extra nonsense.


21 - 24 of 24 Posts