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Taurus 99 v. Beretta 92

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Taurus 99 v. beretta 92

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I wan't to buy an m9 style 9mm pistol. I am leaning towards the Taurus becuase of the price and the cocked and locked/decocker function, which the Beretta does not have. I have heard that the taurus is made in the same way and in the same factory and so on, and I have heard that the beretta may be of higher quality and so on.

What are your opinions? Any Experience with the two? Thanks.
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I have owned both (in fact, I just recently sold my Beretta).  They are both grreat guns.  The Taurus started as a licensed copy of the early Beretta 92.  Over the years, it has evolved in a slightly different direction.  Some parts still interchange.

The Beretta is considered "finer", with somewhat better machining, fitting and finish.  In my opinion, it is no more reliable or durable than the Taurus pistol.

I let my Beretta go because I like the Taurus safety better.

Of course, you mentioned the PT99! If you want adjustable sights, there's no comparison, since the Beretta 92 has fixed sights.
Statistics and data don't lie unless massaged.
Taurus PT92s have been a staple in every Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery and many police periodicals over the last few decades.They are on the recommended list for those who must purchase their own weapon as a LEO in certain jurisdictions.

PT92s not only passed the demanding 20,000 or more round torture tests, but are loaner pistols at many accredited shooting schools for those whose pistols break during classes where 500 round or more are fired during the course of the class.

Shooting school instructors have seen many PT92s come through their classes and not break,fail to fire,or fail to eject. Massad Ayoob and Chuck Karwan have documented all this as well as other gun trainers. Even Chuck Taylor gave 92s praise. If that isn't an endorsement by the professionals, what is?

Participating in IDPA and other for fun competition I cannot say I have seen a 92 fail. THe owners have sometimes forgotten to seat a magazine all the way due to stress and even the old vets bobble under pressure from time to time.

Have seen many 1911s have trouble of one kind or another.Mechanical things do break or parts wear out and need replacement. This doesn't mean that one should forsake 1911s either.

Since there have been many threads in the past posted by 92 owners at the larger forums, though short, the threads seem show a hard core fan club out there and here. Rent one if possible and shoot it. Experience is an eye opener.

Price is right and warranty can't be beat. Taurus set the standard for warranties in the industry as Steelheart has posted elsewhere.

If you like the Beretta better go for it. Buying is about if the gun filling the niche you have. It must fit and be able to be used by you as well. This subject is also subjective and according to ones tastes as well. Can't see a problem with buying either brand. That is up to you. The above posted advice and opinions so far are dead on from other members.
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My 1st auto was a PT99...I traded it off because I'm sometimes a moron.It never failed to fire or jammed.I had to replace a"roll pin" on the rear sight that broke.I too like the c and l feature(like my PT945).Being that you could buy almost 2 Taurus's for 1 Beretta...I say go Taurus(and buy 2) ;D
TonyB brings up a very good point though it was in fun. If the first pistol is taken into evidence, and it will if used for defense shooting, then pray tell what is one going to use for a replacement firearm. Is one going to remain defenseless or would a second pistol exactly alike in every way be the way to go? Or at least have one with similar function and controls. Thus the need for 2nd copy of the first pistol one has bought.Once in evidence the confiscated pistol might never make it back to it's owner. Have two Ruger P95s for just such as occasion. 24/7 and their brethren weren't out yet and 92s were seemingly hard to get in this area at the time from a reputable dealer around here. Otherwise Taurus pistols would have been my pick.
Go for the Taurus! You won't be sorry! But do try to shoot one if you can before buying one to make sure the grip fits your hand.
I think we are all bias here...we are at a Taurus web site!
I am thinking that we here at Taurusarmed.net are smart with our money.
We buy a gun that half the price of its competitor.
I buy Taurus Handguns not only because of their price, but thay take a beating and seem to offer me the features I look for.
I am a left handed shooter...Amix features are HUGE to me.

The Taurus Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy need I say more?

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I'd have to say get a Beretta...I have 92FS Inox and it's my favourite pistol.

I'm a taurus fan and think PT92/99 is the best semi-auto Taurus makes... but IMO Beretta 92 is a just better quality gun (more refined, nicer finish etc). With that said PT99 is the best gun you can get for under $400 :)
i can't speak for the 99.. i have the 92, as far as i know only difference is the adjustable rear sights.

i have a 92 inox beretta.. the taurus shoots just as good as the beretta, with me at least.. a better marksmen might have different results..

as far as the fit and finish.. i have to give it up to the beretta, the taurus is a fine pistol but when you have two side by side you can see the little differences that makes the beretta a little bit smoother.
Taurus is a little bit more rough around the edges but the important stuff is still there.

i like both pistols and the taurus has the better safety imo.. but the beretta has a better decocker.. i HATE how the taurus only decocks to half cocked, i dont understand the point cause the guns not safe to carry half cocked and so you still have to decock manually.. the beretta i hit safety which also decocks and it drops the hammer completely, no fuss, no muss, the guns been made safe and i also the tension on the hammer has been relived.

also with the safety on, the berettas trigger is completely disengaged.. where as on the taurus you can still half cock the hammer with the safety on just can't complete the pull.. only with the taurus key lock engaged does it lock the trigger from moving anything.

the beretta also just feels better where the taurus is more slick (stainless).. the beretta is also smoother in action.

even so i believe they are both very fine pistols and both worth the money, i dont see them as being in direct competition.. if these guns was cars i'd think of the taurus as the base model and the beretta say with better suspension, wheels, maybe air condition and power windows.. they're both great but the beretta has that extra something.

if someone wanted a beretta but could not afford one.. the taurus would be a great alternative.
the safety on frame safety is the one area i can honestly say the beretta can not compare.. it is probably more of a personal preference, although functionally you can carry the taurus cocked and locked as well..

if i was to carry either a beretta or a taurus it would be the taurus..

1. i shoot it just as well as the beretta.. both function very well
2. the taurus is cheaper and would not be as upsetting if it was lost,stolen, or taken after a shooting (it's common practice to seize guns even in justifyable self defense shootings untill the investigation is complete)
3. the safety is better, more natural, easier to operate and can be carried cock and locked (although im not comfortable do so anyway, it's nice to have)
4. although the finish is better on beretta it DOES have a finish that can chip off, the taurus is polished alumium/ss.. there is nothing ot wear off so it would probably hold up better in a holster., although for the record i like the beretta better cause it has more of a "glow" to it.. where the taurus reflects quite a lot of light.. bling bling i guess you'ed call it.

so bottom line, the beretta is smoother and more refined, but both are good pistols and you can't go wrong with either of them.
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Go with which one feels the best to you because they will both serve you well IMO.
I have had my PT-99 for a long time. So far, it has never failed me. I think it's a great gun. When I carry full size, it's the one that I take.
Number one reason for me to own a Taurus PT92 over the Beretta models is simply because Taurus has the safety in the correct spot...
Same here as Draeger. I prefer the manual of arms of the Taurus over the Beretta. Up: Safety On, Middlle; Safety Off, Press down and release, De-cock.
From what I've seen of the Inox, they're quite handsome specimens. I prefer the PT92 (actually I'm enamored with this series) but if I were to own a Beretta it would be an older Inox 92 variant.
I've got the Beretta 96 Vertec, which is of course, not a 9mm, but I can attest to the quality of Beretta weapons. It is sitting in front of me now, looking mean as hell and refined at the same time. I went with Beretta over Taurus because of some of the same reasons given here...better fit/finish, (dislike the overpolished alum frame on the Taurus)and also because I was into the rage of accessory rails and Taurus hadn't put the rail on their guns yet. I went with .40 because if I was going to have a gun this big, I wanted a bigger round to fire from it. I also live in Cali, so its 10 rds of 9mm or 10 of .40...kinda negates the advantage of the 9, other than ammo price. I'd still like to have a Taurus as a 'beater' gun, as I bet it would be just as reliable, only I wouldn't mind so much if I scuffed it up in the truck or in the field,

If you're strapped for cash, get the T

If not so much, get the B

If you have a fat wad of skunky cash, get both...or get a beretta and abuse it like it was a red-headed Taurus :D
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Number one reason for me to own a Taurus PT92 over the Beretta models is simply because Taurus has the safety in the correct spot...
Absolutely, +1!

There is no more natural action than to sweep down with the strong-hand thumb as the pistol comes on-target, since the thumb needs to be there anyway. Slide-mounted safeties just seem to just go against the natural order of things! I was talking recently to a buddy who's in the Army, and he told me that they have some weird process of pulling the trigger half-way back, then coming on target, etc, etc, etc with the M9 - who on earth wants to do that?
Noting that the topic is about a PT99 vs the Beretta 92, how many have found an adjustable sight critical? I once had a PT-99, and now own a PT-92. While the adjustable rear sight was nice, I don't miss it, for the shooting I do. If dirrerent cartridges have a different POI, I simply correct with "Kentucky windage".
personally i prefer fixed sights on a gun.. assuming it's accurate from the factory, less likely to snag, break, or shift on you.
shep854 said:
Of course, you mentioned the PT99! If you want adjustable sights, there's no comparison, since the Beretta 92 has fixed sights.
You can buy the adjustable Millett rear sight for the Beretta 92's and you don't get the dorky tall front sight like Taurus has. Also, the Beretta's give you the option to have fixed or adjustable target sights without having two different slides.

My Beretta's look nicer, are a lighter weight gun, smoother trigger, have more girps and accessories options, more variety of holsters, and not the bling fake look Taurus tends to have on their stainless stell look like frames. The quality of the Italians cannot be matched by Brasil for sure...

I'm not bitter toward Taurus and I like the PT similar series...I just prefer the real deal Beretta over Taurus. :)
the pt92 weights the same as the beretta.

i agree with you that the beretta is a bit cleaner of a gun on fit and finish..
however i've not noticed any decreased accuracy or reliability on the taurus.
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