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Taurus 942 Revolver. Brand new 5/1/2023

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I just received my new Taurus 942 Magnum revolver. It has a very high incidence of FTF. Possibly more than 50%. I am shooting 40 grain WMR CCI and Federal. Normally premium performance. Yesterday I had my first range visit. I shot it first but saved all the struck but unfired rounds. I saved these rounds and when loaded into my Walther WMP pistol 100% fired on the first strike. (As usual). The 942 is a very new pistol but have any other members had FTF issues with a Taurus model and a rimfire round? If so, how was the issue resolved? I have 4 Walthers. 3 calibers-never a single FTF. I would like to like my new Taurus. But this is a bad start. And my TX 22? Another disappointing story.
Thanks for any ideas. Tom Marshall in Buford, Georgia
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma!
You might want to post your question in
Welcome from West Texas!
Welcome. 40 gr CCI is all I've ever fired in mine. No problems so far.
Welcome to the forum, Tom.

Sorry about the issues with a brand new gun. First thoughts: Has it been cleaned as a first step?
Hello, Thanks to members for the kind greetings. My very first range visit with my new 942 was more than a little disappointing. The issue was 50% or more FTF. My 942 fires the magnum round. (Sometimes). Ammo is either CCI of Federal. 40 grain. Both brands have served me well and are on Walther's recommended list for their new WMP pistol. This pistol has an 8 round cylinder. When freshly loaded it would only fire 3-5 rounds. All cartridges appeared to have very light strikes. I retained all the FTF rounds when done with my 942 and shot them in my Walther WMP. 100% fired. First time. So, we cannot blame my Taurus issues on ammo. From what I have learned from other owners the pistol may need to be flushed with Ballistic and/or have some internal parts polished. I did clean it from new. The normal stuff to barrel and cylinder. The 942 is my only revolver. I do have 4 Walthers and their triggers are legendary. (In a good way). I never expected a 10-14 pound trigger to be fun but I did expect it to fire. I don't see an easy way to get to the innards. But, I would guess the roll pin in the grip needs to be removed and, once removed, you have access to interior parts. Very weak looking strike when compared to my Walther. I did send in my issue to Taurus Service. But, it was after hours. I guess I may not be lucky sometimes. Two years ago my neighbor and I both bought TX 22 pistols. We both liked them. Mine had feed issues from the beginning. She has never had a problem. At that same time the TX 22 was Guns and Ammo Hand Gun of the Year. They fired 16,000 with not one issue. They said. Mine visited Taurus Service twice problem never solved. I look forward to hearing back from Taurus and other Ford Members, Thank you, Tom Marshall Buford, Georgia
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Is it more reliable firing in single action mode? The hammer strike is a bit harder than double action.
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